GLO Science

GLO Science™ has developed the latest technology to create an innovative professional whitening system that answers the compromises of other in-office whitening systems and take-home products on the market.

THE SCIENCE — The two primary factors that influence whitening are contact time and the concentration of hydrogen peroxide. The effect of the whitening gel is directly related to the amount of exposure time. The longer the teeth are exposed to the solution and the higher the concentration of the whitening gel, the greater the change in the color of the teeth. However, too high a concentration of hydrogen peroxide, and too much exposure under high heat will cause sensitivity, as the intra-pulpal pressure inside the tooth increases. The resulting pain is commonly referred to as a “zinger,” often seen with professional lights and long wearing trays.

GLO (Guided Light Optics) patented technology has revolutionized whitening by addressing the compromises, eliminating lights that cause high sensitivity, and replacing messy trays that trap whitening gel on soft tissue for hours at a time. The results are faster, more efficient, and longer lasting whitening without the sensitivity. We call this the GLO® difference.


During in-office procedures, light and heat usually sit outside of the mouth, where the oxygen ions escape off the surface of the teeth behind the leading edge of the gel that sits on the tooth surface. By putting LED lights and heat resistors in a closed system mouthpiece, the controlled warming heat accelerates the formation of the highly reactive oxygen ions. This breakthrough is the patented closed system mouthpiece that prevents the whitening oxygens from escaping into the atmosphere. Instead, they bombard the surface of the tooth, resulting in shorter exposure times to the hydrogen peroxide gel and, therefore, less sensitivity

The warming heat and light in the GLO® universal mouthpiece activate the whitening gel, accelerating the oxidation process. The peripherally sealed mouthpiece creates a closed environment in the mouth, preventing the oxygen ions from escaping the tooth surface into the atmosphere, leading to maximum effectiveness in short exposure times. There is no need to take impressions or send patients home with custom made trays. The GLO® mouthpiece is built on a flexible circuit, making the fit universal.


With GLO,® there is no need for patients to sleep in whitening trays or use a system for weeks on end. There is now a safer and faster. way, and dental professionals as the experts can share the facts with their patients. Patients don’t want to experience sensitivity by exposing their teeth to peroxide and high heat for too long, and want to be able to maintain results easily. GLO Science’s dual-whitening approach addresses the regression that occurs after in-office whitening alone by providing patients with an easy way to maintain their new shade of white at home.